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Wenzhou Cheng Sheng latex products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou ChengSheng Latex product Co.,LTD. is located in the southeast of China beautiful City - Rui an, area of 15000 square meters with modern standard workshop, Which is a professional manufacture of latex products, including latex mattress, latex pillow, latex cushion and so on. Our factory has seven lines of latex production line and we have a three-shift operators, that makes the production lines work 24 hours and with the advanced production technology ,we can produce 15000 latex pillows and 5000 latex mattresses every day.Perfect detection system makes sure of the quality meeting the requirements of customers.

We are committed to the development of environmentally friendly latex products, we have carried out scientific and modern management system and persisted in the guidelines of surviving by quality and develop by profit. Our aim is to be one of the best latex companies..We have got a series of certificates,and our products are well praised by customers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia and many other areas.

Quality guarantee

Cheng Sheng latex raw materials imported from Thailand, to ensure the high quality of raw materials, but also to ensure that the latex itself has environmental protection, antibacterial, mildew and health care effect.


Chairman's speech

Wenzhou Cheng Sheng latex products Co., Ltd. since its inception, always based on the original ecological philosophy, is committed to the development of environmentally friendly latex. Adhere to the &ldquo, professional, quality, sincerity and service ” enterprise purposes. Taking science and technology innovation as our core value. We use the spirit of innovation to create more comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy latex products. 

No time to the information era, the world smoothly, at a glance, collision and integration of politics and economy and culture so fierce; no nation like us this nation, long suppressed passion and vitality was once released, had such great power, so that the entrepreneur, enterprise of heroes.

We crafted, down-to-earth, we keep our mind the world, expanding its territory, nifengfeiyang, with a road sweat, a road works. We have innovative products, elite team, smooth channels, we have successfully from birth, survival period to the growth and expansion period. Faced with the future, we have only one goal: through their own examples and contributions to society, with “ integrity and quality ” shaping China's excellent brand of latex products, so that the latex products industry renowned international. We are convinced that: the maturity of latex products will be a more robust pace, with a sense of urgency, the top of the mission with Time will not wait for me. we step forward. Uphold the integrity, the concept of development, our company is willing to work together with you to create a more glorious and resplendent tomorrow.

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